Tuesday, 24 September 2013


I am kind of obsessing over hats right now. It is Ireland, and inevitably the sky will stop fooling us into thinking we might see a few more days of sun. So, I'm thinking I'll plan ahead and arm myself with some winter beanies, to attack and fight the usual cold, rainy Irish winter that lies ahead. 

I can never decide whether hats suit curly hair like mine. When standing in front of a mirror in the hat section of Penneys, trying on the selection, images of the Mad-Hatter never cease to slip into my mind, obstructing my view of a rather cheap and trendy beanie.

But after coming home from a school trip and sifting through the hundreds of selfies taken, I came across this one (above), which makes me look rather cool in a hat. What you don't know is that it actually is a teddy bear beanie (I know what you're thinking, I am down with the cool kids.

So, I suppose if I can pull off a teddy bear on my head, I can pull off a beanie with curls.

check out my beanie slideshow:

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