Monday, 26 August 2013


I went extra blogger-ish at a family party when I asked my dad to take a photo of me: right there in the kitchen in front of my entire extended family. The awkwardness of posing gets me every time. I'm always unsure of what to do: how to slouch my long legs, where to place my awkwardly long arms, whether the hair should go over or behind the shoulder or where to stand. However, often the most strange-feeling poses look the best on the camera. So this time I forgot about the embarrassment of posing in front of people, of where to put all of my long limbs and and went all out.*

*Warning: poser alert.

Jacket;Vila, Tshirt/Necklace;Penneys, Jeans;H&M, Shoes;Tesco

sorry for the lack of photos, the embarrassment got to me after one shot... 

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